Not even on the plane and already miss my slightly older sister 👭
31st Aug 201420:23
I’d like to cancel my flight back to school.  (at Spasso Cucina Italiana)
30th Aug 201419:36
Come sit and we’ll (raw) taco bout it 🍃🍓 (at Midtown Cafe)
28th Aug 201418:51
Some new ✨ before I leave the east coast. Next, BOS ✈️ LAX  (at Harvard Square)
23rd Aug 201411:34
Came back dry. Always on board to prove the haters wrong 🙊✌️ (at Lake Cochituate State Park)
17th Aug 201419:35
The seven miles I ran this morning cancels out this poison right……..right? 😬
16th Aug 201411:04
So there’s heaven, and then there’s (@anita.palmer’s birthday 🎂🎉) brunch  (at Zoe’s Kitchen)
13th Aug 201419:25
Can I be the evil queen of this dreamy fairytale 😈  (at Fairfield @ Commonwealth)
12th Aug 201419:05
Can I be the evil queen in this dreamy fairytale 😈  (at Fairfield @ Commonwealth)
12th Aug 201419:02
And none for Gretchen wieners bye  (at Cactus Club Restaurant and Bar)
9th Aug 201411:16
I tried to give sweating profusely for 5 miles an artsy byproduct  (at 🌙)
6th Aug 201419:14
What else are you supposed to do on a rainy day  (at Chinatown)
2nd Aug 201411:35
Straight up baaaabies 👶👲👶👶 one more month 😻
31st Jul 201421:11
Hey BOS, another rainstorm will look stunning on you ⚡️⚡️ (at Harvard Bridge)
30th Jul 201418:29
Opaque  by  andbamnan