Hey BOS, another rainstorm will look stunning on you ⚡️⚡️ (at Harvard Bridge)
30th Jul 201418:29
Could not have survived this summer without you 🌇 (at Al Dente Restaurant)
27th Jul 201419:10
Apologies to #PETA 😹
Procaffeinating and convinced that purple is the new ombré 😈💜 (at Cambridge Open Market)
22nd Jul 201418:53
Now who do I talk to in order to get a house with a porch built up here ☁️☁️☁️ (at Mount Monadnock, NH)
20th Jul 201418:21
Work hard, play harder, picnic hardest 🌻 (at The Taco Truck)
17th Jul 201418:46
Interns that take two hour brunch breaks, eat chocolate cakes, and lounge on rooftops together, stay together 🍴 (at Zoes, Cambridge)
15th Jul 201416:51
It all makes sense now doesn’t it 😒 #tbt
I should go outside more.  (at Trinity Church)
5th Jul 201415:37
Brunch tasted like a unicorn puked up blueberries over warm lemon cake that fairies smeared with cream cheese frosting. I loved it.  (at Trident Booksellers and Cafe)
29th Jun 201419:40
Boston at dusk 🌌 (at The Revere Hotel Boston Common)
23rd Jun 201419:17
I want the pink one 🍥 (at Players Club, Fenway Park)
23rd Jun 201417:25
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