Finished in 1:04! Stroller guy was a beast ok 🏃 (at Boston Fire Fighters Local 718 Memorial Road Race)
19th Oct 201407:40
Versace, Versace.  (at Notre Dame Basilica of Montréal)
14th Oct 201417:38
Halle Berry, hallelujah, holla back, I’ll brunch ya #beast (at L’Atelier d’Argentine)
All you need is rove 😉 (at Old Montréal)
12th Oct 201414:47
On Saturdays, we roadtrip 🚙
11th Oct 201411:02
It’s a beautiful autumn day to be an Eagle ❤️🍂💛 pc: @kyracee #bc360 #bostoncollege
Perfect weather brings out serial chillers
5th Oct 201411:04
"No, where are you REALLY from?" 🇨🇳
2nd Oct 201416:44
The reward for night classes🌛 (at Boston College)
25th Sep 201416:35
Adam Levine, call me #maroon4
#mcm (at xoxo gossip squirrel)
Majestic, not unlike a slice of chocolate cake  (at 🌖)
7th Sep 201418:17
#wcw (at most basic building on campus)
Not even on the plane and already miss my slightly older sister 👭
31st Aug 201420:23
Opaque  by  andbamnan